Organic Happy Skin Soothing Salve

Organic Happy Skin Soothing Salve
Organic Happy Skin Soothing Salve with lid off
Organic Happy Skin Soothing Salve with lid off aerial view
Organic Happy Skin Soothing Salve helps scarring
Organic Happy Skin Soothing Salve is vegan
Organic Happy Skin Soothing Salve is 96% organic
Organic Happy Skin Soothing Salve is palm oil free

Organic Happy Skin Soothing Salve

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Organic Happy Skin Soothing Salve

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Fed up with steroid based creams that don’t work? Do you want to address your dry itchy skin once and for all?

I have devised this organic soothing salve to help your skin repair itself, reduce redness, and make you and your skin feel normal & HAPPY again. With ongoing use your skin will return to its natural healthiness.

I've blended tried and tested plant oils of olive oil/hemp oil/shea nut and added powerful natural plant extracts including organic rosehip and calendula (marigold) plus essential oils including lavender & chamomile to make Happy Skin extremely healing and a must have for dry skin conditions.

Happy Skin will make your skin happy again by calming inflamed and irritated skin, soothing sore areas and encourging healthy skin to develop.

Your natural dry skin remedy is worth its weight in gold!

The Happy Skin Soothing Salve contains:

  • Organic calendula extract to eliminate bacteria, enhance and speed up skin repair, encourage collagen production, retain moisture and improve the overall appearance of your skin.
  • Organic hemp to reduce inflammation and nourish your skin with omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids.
  • Organic olive oil to hydrate and protect your skin.
  • Organic rosehip seed oil for it's natural Vitamin A tretinoin which improves hydration, repairs skin and encourage elasticity.
  • Organic shea butter to moisturise and encourage healthy skin cell renewal.
  • Organic lavender to protect your skin against infection and heal broken skin.
  • Organic roman chamomile to soothe & calm irritated skin
  • Vitamin E to reduce inflammation, skin thickness, itchiness and redness.
  • Vegan candelilla wax to create a waterproof protective barrier for your skin.

How to use: Your Happy Skin soothing salve can be used anywhere on your body or face. Apply as and when needed to sore inflammed or scarred skin. Your salve can protect your skin from cold windy weather and I recommend applying it to any exposed skin that is prone to dryness before leaving home in the winter months. 

Read how Jan used her Happy Skin to heal her skin cancer wound here.

Skin type: dry/damaged/irritated/eczema/psoriasis/scars. Suitable for everyday use. Safe to use on young children and babies.

Your natural Happy Skin soothing salve does not contain paraben preservatives.

This product is made with love & respect for all living creatures and planet Earth our home. That's why it's vegan.

Ingredients: butyrospermum parkii (organic & fairtrade shea butter), olea europeae (certified organic olive oil), theobroma cacao (certified organic cocoa butter), calendula officinalis (certified organic calendula marigold extractl), cannabis sativa (cold pressed certified organic hemp oil), tocopherol (Vitamin E), rosa canina (organic rosehip seed oil), melaleuca alternifolia (certified organic tea tree essential oil), lavendula angustifolia (certified organic lavender essential oil), styrax tonkinensis (benzoin essential oil), anthemis nobilis (certified organic roman chamomile essential oil).

“My son had nappy rash when he was a baby so I immediately reached for this soothing salve, knowing it would protect and soothe his skin. I continued to use it when he developed eczema as a toddler; and helped his dry hands recover after hand sanitiser triggered another reaction during covid.” – Esther, I Am Natural formulator and Founder.

"Happy Skin is amazing and I'm so grateful to you Esther for making this product. You can clearly see the scar and I'm still massaging in Happy Skin, what a difference! The operation was on 14th June, 6-7 weeks ago. It’s so remarkable how quickly the wound has responded to natural ingredients. My doctor was pleased on the speedy progress but its only through your salve Esther - NOT Vaseline." - Jan


Read the full story about Jan and Happy Skin here.

Send back your jars and get money back!

Your Organic Happy Skin comes in a lovely luxury glass jar. It's easy to put the jar in the recycling stream when it's empty, and even better to cut out the (recycling) middleman completely and send your glass jars back to I Am Natural to be re-used.
Here's how:
1) Keep the packaging your order arrived in. You can re-use this to return your empty jars.
2) Clean your empty jars (just a simple wipe will do, I'll clean and sterlise them). Make sure they are protected with eco-friendly packing and place them in your box. You can use old newspaper, toilet rolls tubes or old Amazon packaging. I'll re-use or compost it, so please no plastic packaging.
3) Email with your name, address and the number of glass jars you are returning. Save your jars and send them altogether to keep your carbon footprint low. You can return your aluminium bottles from your cleansers and toners too at the same time.  

4) I'll email you a FREE postage label and Royal Mail will collect your parcel from your front door. You don't need to print your label, your postie will bring it and attach it to your parcel.

PLUS you'll recieve a 15% voucher code to use with your next order. You can redeem your voucher on any I Am Natural product.
Reducing waste feels good. 

Thank you!