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Join my inner circle of Friends and enjoy vegan organic skincare, your way.

When you’re part of my inner circle of Friends, you get even more love and care lavished on you and your skin.

What is / who are Friends? 

Friends is a community of loyal I Am Natural clients that share their thoughts and ideas for optimum skincare products, and shape the direction of I Am Natural with their feedback and support.

In return, you are rewarded with:

1) direct help and skincare advice when you need it

2) the opportunity to make connections and share your experiences with other women like yourself through the I Am Natural Telegram Channel.

3) a high value monthly offer exclusive to Friends.

My clients inspire me to do more, give more and help more.

By providing you with an exclusive way to interact with each other and myself, I can support your individual needs and help you shop in an eco-friendlier way by giving you exclusive bundles and offers that you ask for. Together we are turning I Am Natural into a unique skincare company.

It’s easy and free to join! Simply subscribe to my inner group of Friends by clicking here.

Every month you will be emailed an exclusive Friends newsletter that will unveil a secret saving for skincare products and kits that have been suggested by you and lovingly prepared by me.

At anytime you can get in touch via the dedicated Telegram channel and tell me how I can give you more of the products, help and advice you need. You ask, I will respond. From time to time you may also receive new products to trial and I’d be very grateful for your honest feedback.

Will you repeat product offers that I love? 

I love the idea that you can help shape the future of I Am Natural and so if a bespoke product e.g a bundle or skincare kit is popular with all our Friends I will add it to my ongoing inventory so it’s available all the time.

How can I tell you what I’d like? 

Easy, simply click on the email button at the bottom of this page, or post in the I Am Natural Telegram Channel. Tell me the things you need. Do you need 10 mini jars of face cream to gift to your friends and family or do you need urgent advice and a remedy for an outbreak of hormonal acne? Share your thoughts and ideas and I’ll help you until you’re happy. It’s what Friends are for!

Become a Friends Party Ambassador 

Already part of the inner circle and want to get more involved with I Am Natural? If you’re loving your I Am Natural products with a passion and want to share the love and earn extra income at the same time, then contact me about hosting a Friends party.