About Us

Esther's story

“I know you have a desire for quality vegan organic skincare, that nourishes and protects your perimenopausal or ageing skin, because I do too!", says Founder & Managing Director Esther. “I have learnt so much on my journey about the power of essential oils, plant oils and extracts and love sharing my knowledge with customers through gorgeous formulations!"

"When I’m not creating batches of your favourite organic skincare you’ll find me in the garden or out walking in the hills. I love being in nature and am thankful for its healing power on my physical and mental wellbeing. I believe we have so much to learn from the plant world, it’s an integral part of our existence, and from a young age I have always seeked natural remedies in my life.”

"It was a switch to a vegan diet 28 years ago that first made me think about organic skincare. I started looking into the contents of my skincare lotion and was astounded by the amount of unethical and animal derived ingredients, not to mention all the chemical petroleum junk! I wanted to make a difference and so in 2005 I changed career and became an aromatherapy skincare formulator. I am determined to make a difference for people, for animals and for the planet.

I believe skincare shouldn’t just look and smell lovely but needs to be incredibly beneficial for your skin. I have developed a tried and tested range of nourishing skin, hair and body products that are full of goodness, just as nature intended."

"I care for you and your skin.
I want your skin to look fabulous now, and when you’re 75.
Everyday I'm asked to use my skincare expertise to help you find the right skincare routine for you, eliminating any skincare problems you have. I love my job!"

Aromatherapy country kitchen

"Your products are handmade by me in small batches in my aromatherapy kitchen in the Kent countryside.

All the vegetable oils are cold pressed and certified organic. Oils are kept below 40c to ensure they retain vital raw nutrients such as omega fatty acids and vitamins.

See how your products are made on Pinterest by clicking here."

My promise to you

"I am passionate about creating natural skincare that benefits you. I carefully choose high quality ingredients that are gentle yet effective. There is no point adding ingredient after ingredient just to say it’s in the bottle (and charging a huge amount of money). Keeping it simple is as important to I Am Natural as keeping it organic.

I want to help revert your skin back to its natural state. Your skin before commercial skincare products, your skin before advertising taught us that beauty came before health. 

For me, honesty and transparency are key to good friendships with my clients. No shampoo can turn your shower into a tropical lagoon. No cream can reverse the signs of ageing. This is your shop for natural skincare without the mumbo jumbo."

I Am Natural skincare will always be:

  • Honest! Despite what large commercial brands will tell you, your skin WILL age. I will never patronise you like some companies might. I dislike the term anti-aging. Aging is about how we feel inside. I am pro-aging with happiness & healthiness.
  • Thoughtfully formulated. I have refused to make an eye cream. Why? Because your face cream is created to be suitable on your eye area too. Why would a natural product be anything else?
  • Affordable! In my view it’s just downright unethical to charge 5 times the amount for a product because it’s organic. I cover my costs and pay myself a living wage. The rest stays in your pocket. I know this is especially important if you are suffering from a skin condition like eczema that sometimes requires applying a lot of product. I Am Natural products work, but I won’t increase profits on the back of your suffering. That’s my promise."

Small company, big ethics

"I Am Natural is a small family-run company with a big heart! 

Its mission isn't to make loads of money, it's to share my strong ethics of making high quality affordable organic skincare that is 100% cruelty free, vegan and with a focus on sustainable organic ingredients

Pretty simple!"

Plastic Positive

"I wouldn't dream of dumping waste into our environment; every company should be responsible for the products they make, and aim to reduce their impact on the earth. That's why I've partnered with Empower to help clean plastic waste from the oceans.

I am striving to make I Am Natural a 100% zero-waste company.

  • All organic waste is composted on site.
  • Packaging waste from suppliers is either recycled, reused or composted.
  • All bottles and jars are recyclable (return your empty jars and they will be re-used!).
  • All orders are packed in 100% compostable materials.

I love my electric car and use it every time I make a local delivery or travel to a fair or market."

Love for the environment, people and animals.

"I am passionate about making the world a better place for the future. I'm horrified and saddened by the devastation wrecked upon the Earth by years of thoughtlessness so I am always looking for ways to support organisations that are dedicated to positive changes."

Every purchase of organic skincare on this website enables I Am Natural to proudly support Viva!, the Kent Wildlife Trust, The Retreat Animal Rescue Centre, the RSPB and ocean waste project Empower. Every time you purchase an Happy Hemp Cloth from I Am Natural you are providing a fair wage for poor rural women, supported by Prokritee in Bangladesh.

If you are looking for support for your charity event please get in touch with me as I'm always happy to help.

I Am Natural is endorsed by The Compassionate Shopping Guide.