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What do you think?

"I bought a bunch of products from your stall at the Kent Vegan Festival including the tea tree healing gel, which was fortunate as I tripped and fell as I was leaving the event and cut my hands! Oops... I've used it far more that I expected - it's brilliant! I adore the fragrance of the Organic Macadamia Hand Cream and my feet love the peppermint foot cream - they have softened up well! Maybe the biggest success of all is the deodorant - extremely effective! And I enjoy the smell too. Thanks so much for what you do "
Rose-Anna Bleasdale, Kent - 23/11/15


"I just thought I'd email to say how impressed I have been with your products.
I've always been prone to spots, but my skin was also quite dry, so I'd use a combination of creams for dry skin to combat the wrinkles, and exfoliaters to try and get rid of the spots. A few months ago, my skin went into overdrive; loads of spots, really bad skin condition/tone etc, and at age 38 I thought I was past all that, and to be honest, was getting a little down about it.
I came across your products, and although I've always assumed my skin is "dry", I thought I'd try "combination" products to try and balance it out.
I've been using the Organic Hemp Cleanser, Organic Healing Toner and the Organic Avocado Face Cream for about 2 weeks, and I absolutely love them! I use the cleanser, toner and cream at night time, and then just water and the cream in the morning. The spots are going, skin tone is so much better, my skin hasn't felt dry once, and if anything feels better moisturised than it has in a long time! I'm so pleased! Your products are animal friendly, smell divine, work amazingly well and I will definitely be re-ordering! Thank you so much.
Oh and ps; I bought the Organic Macadamia Hand Cream too equally as good, definitely recommended."
Catherine Hicks, West Malling, Kent - 10/4/14


"I would just like to thank you for you fantastic service and super quick delivery of my recent order. The cleanser, toner and moisturiser are truly beautiful and my dry sensitive skin loves them...thank you again"
Debra Eagle, Sheffield - 31/3/14


"Your Organic Lime & Lavender Lip balm and Organic Sweet Fennel & Ginger Lip balm are both amazing products. I've suffered from chapped lips for God knows how long, yet after using your products my lips feel soft and look a million times better! Thanks so much. I'm already pouring over your website looking for more indulgent (and very much needed) goodies to buy!"
Lucy Best, Bolton, Manchester - 28/6/13


"Thank you for the super fast delivery of my order. The shampoo and conditioner smell lovely, fresh and natural. I will definitely be shopping with you again."
Nicky Huffer, Pembrokeshire - 20/6/13


"Your Organic Calendula Soothing Salve is doing wonders on our little one's dribble rash! So nice to put something on her that we know is gentle and safe, it's really hard to find lotions and potions with no nasties, and especially important around her little mouth! Love your products!"
Charlotte Small, Maidenhead - 12/6/13


"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Chamomile & Cocoa organic lip balm. I have suffered (that's definitely the right word! - it's been awful!) with very sore skin around the outside of my lips for 18 months. Nothing I tried healed the skin and I felt really self-conscious always having such red, sore lips. Your lip balm has completely healed the skin around my lips in only a few days - I feel normal again! I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover that paraffin based products were just drying the skin out! I'll be back for more!"
Lois, Sussex - 23/10/12


"Just to say a big thanks for the products. Love them!!!!"
Yolanda Hosli, Lincolnshire - 6/12/11


"Your Organic Hemp Oil has done miracles for my skin. Amazing!"
Vanessa, Northamptonshire - 30/8/11


"What a MAGIC little pot the Organic Calendula Soothing Salve is, my skin hasn't felt so good in weeks. Can't believe how quick it has improved my skin, it is such a relief to find something that actually works.
I have spent pounds on cream over the last few weeks, for my skin to not improve at all if anything its gradually got worse. I will be ordering another pot. Can't tell you how glad I am to have found your site. "
Maria Lain, Northamptonshire - 24/7/11


"I have just received my 2nd order and felt compelled to write to say how utterly wonderful your products are. I have been reading about 'on the shelf' beauty products and how dangerous and largely untested some of the ingredients were. I then went into my bathroom and read the ingredients of some of my 'trusted' skin products to be amazed that I did not recognise ANY of the ingredients listed, let alone pronounce some of the very dubious sounding chemical names.
I made it my mission to research the ingredients, and to my horror a vast majority of the chemicals are leading scientists to believe that they could be carcinogenic. I have always eaten natural organic ingredients, so why was I not applying this to my skin?! Why did I spend hours looking at food ingredients but didn't think twice about looking at what's in my beauty products?!
I came across your site after doing much research and am utterly amazed at the quality of your products. Not just in the pure ingredients but in their amazing healing and restorative effects. I am totally addicted to your products and I can say without any exaggeration that my skin and hair have never felt or looked better. What a pleasure it is to receive such quality items alongside fantastic service."
Ms K Robinson, Berkshire - 04/02/11


"I've used many different companies producing natural toiletries, but I Am Natural is the one I will be staying with since you have the loveliest products, best value for money and kindest customer care that I have experienced!"
Lynne, Worcestershire - 29/07/10


"Congratulations to I am Natural being 5 years old! You really are the best and most reliable skin care company around. I love the face moisturising creams, cleansers, lip balms - everything, really! I have used the lovely shampoos for ages, and for the first time in decades, have never needed or wanted to alternate brands. No thanks! Lovingly hand crafted, gentle, fresh, ethical, organic, toxin-free, not tested on animals and are virtually edible! I've made my own night cream from oils, but could never make these other lovely products that you so beautifully create. All of which, so very much appreciated!"
Dawn Taylor, London - 27/07/10


"I just wanted to tell you that my skin has started to improve after using your cleanser/toner and moisturiser. Dryness seems to have lessened and general overall appearance is better and all in less than a week. I love the frankincense cream - just lovely."
Nicky, Cheshire - 16/03/10


"Two weeks in.....My skin is definitely improving, no where near as dry as it was - so a huge thank you to you all. Had a few mins spare this weekend and tried the scrub and the mask - my skin felt lovely afterwards. I've also got one of your lipbalms - again just lovely stuff. Got to say as well, that the delivery is superb - so quick."
Nicky, Cheshire - 22/03/10


"Thanks so much for your wonderful products (great service and speedy delivery too!). The orange body cream is wonderfully moisturising for my dry skin, and the macadamia cleanser is gorgeous, really cleanses well leaving my face feeling thoroughly cleansed (and even gets off mascara!). I'm prone to patches of dry eczema every now and then, so using the shea nut butter is working a treat! Thanks again and I wish you continued success! "
Joanna Sandeman, Hertfordshire - 15/02/10


"Just a quick thank you for my order which I received the very next day - marvellous! I used the face cream last night and am delighted with it - very many thanks for such excellent products and service!"
Louise Kennedy, Norfolk - 22/10/09


"I would just like to say thank you for preparing and sending my order a couple of weeks ago, it was very kind of you to give me a large bottle of lavender conditioner because there was no medium size in stock. I really appreciated it and will order again soon. I love your products - they smell delicious and work really well. I tried the lip balm and it's amazing! Definitely one of my favourite products."
Lila Plumley, London - 15/10/09


"Just to say how impressed I am with your oustanding range of soaps! Superfated, cold-processed, organic, fairtrade and vegan. Products of this quality are more than gold dust to me....very reasonably priced and, i always find, rapidly delivered. Well done! Keep it up!"
Alex Reynolds, Keele - 02/10/09


"Thank you for making beautifully natural products. I just had to use them all straight away! I think that I will probably work my way through your whole range."
Linda Lunn, Chichester - 21/07/09

"Quick service! I just received my order of the Avocado Face Cream. Nothing else seems to normalise my combination skin quite the same way. My skin feels healthier and the tone is even! Really glad to have found something so wonderful and ethical too. I wish your business much success. Thanks!"
Cindy Cordero-Stout, London - 29/03/09


"Thanks for the 2 jars of Frankincense Face Cream, not only was delivery so quick but you'd gone to the trouble of making a fresh batch, knowing it'd be a while til I used the second jar. Not only is the service brilliant, but the cream is one of the best I've used."
Sue Boulding, Shropshire - 04/12/08


"Thank you for the speedy delivery of my order (and a handwritten invoice with it!!). I bought 2 products at the Bristol Vegan festival and liked the Avocado Face Cream so much that I had to have it again. I am very happy with it and certainly recommend this beautiful product without hesitation."
Irena Ogden, Wiltshire - 05/09/08


"I am truly delighted with your products and I have been telling my friends about them and your fantastic service. It is a pleasure to find products which describe themselves as natural and really are! My daughter is always telling me how radiant my skin looks, which shows how effective your cream is!"
Susan Laithwaite - 17/04/08


"Just to say that this is the best shampoo and conditioner that I have ever used and trust me that is some accolade as I have tried them all! I hope that word spreads quickly and that you become very successful as a result of your hard work."
Jane HB - 25/01/08


"Fantastic thanks very much! It is all really excellent stuff! Being vegan I have struggled to find cleansing/moisturising products that work without half an abattoir in it, and that I can afford... I think I just have done!!!!!! I will definately be ordering from you in the future : ) Also as one of the products I ordered wasn't in stock you sent the larger one for free.... Wicked thanks very much... I wish more business's operated like you do : I wish you all the best."
Misty Karp, Hampshire - 20/01/08


"Got to let you know how much I love my Avocado Face Cream, it's gorgeous, feels wonderful! And the Calendula Soothing Salve is great too. Really calmed down my eczema. And they both smell divine!"
Joanna Sandeman, Hertfordshire - 19/07/07


"Just wanted to say thanks ... I am really impressed and excited to have found an organic range that works really well, is reasonably priced and doesn't require shipping half way across the world! I love the Frankincense & Lavender deodorant - good organic deodorant has always been the hardest thing to find ... in fact I love all of it!"
Steph, Cornwall - 16/03/07


"My sister bought me the Peppermint Lipbalm as a stocking filler and it's fab! It has really helped my lips stay nice and soft all through the winter so I haven't been tempted to pick at them, which is something no other lipbalm has ever achieved! Hurrah! Thank you!"
Kate, Cheltenham - 23/02/07


"Thank you for making such wonderful products! My hair is so soft...it is fantastic to use products that smell great and don't make my skin itch."
Annabel Robin - 22/01/07


"I wish to thank you for the latest order and tell you that I am very much impressed with the quality of your products. The therapeutic balms are superb and the hair products absolutely brilliant, I will definitely order from you again in the near future!"
Stephanie Duvinage, France - 26/10/06


"I've bought a few products from you and they are amazing. I have severe chemical allergies and your products are a life saver! Thank you! "
Trudy Hampton, Surrey - 11/09/06


"I am amazed! The package arrived today! Almost before I had ordered it!  What service! The Macadamia Cleanser has worked really well on the make up! Thanks again!"
Soo Coleman, Rochford - 04/08/06


"I came across your products when visiting a friend in Hove who swears by them. I bought some Avocado Face Cream and I am so pleased with it - my slightly problem skin has normalised and for that I am eternally grateful - thank you."
Susan Sherman, Keele - 29/05/06


"Excellent products and reasonably priced too...you've made me and my bank manager very happy - thanks!"
Rob Draper - 25/01/06


"I just want to let you know how impressed I am with the products. Keep up the good work."
Gul Chaudry, Derbyshire - 16/01/06


"I bought some products just before Christmas. I've been really impressed with them and the ones I gave as presents were very well received. I really love the sweet fennel & ginger lip balm and the coconut butter, both smell great and work like a dream."
Kathryn - 12/01/06


"The Macadamia hand cream is the best I've ever tried! Hours later my hands still feel really soft - and I'm not young!"
Anonymous - 07/12/05


"The Tea Tree shampoo is fabulous! I won't use anything else. Thank you"
Anonymous - 30/11/05


"Hi - I just thought I would say how great your products are. I was in Brighton for a Hen Weekend. I was immediately attracted to your stall when I saw that everything was organic and animal safe.
I bought a lip balm, face cream and shower gel. All these items have been great and good value for money. I really hope you are very successful with these products - you deserve it and they are great! Thanks again."
Donna McManus, London - 21/09/05


"I love the Avocado Face Cream - lovely and cool straight out of the fridge. Smells great!"
Jos, Brighton - 13/09/05


"Bought the Organic Calendula Cream for my ezcema - bit reluctant but actually amazing. I'll be back."
John Rennie, Brighton - 12/08/05


"The dandruff shampoo worked a treat. Ta!"
Alex, Brighton - 17/08/05


"Thanks for being so helpful. Fantastic looking range - looking forward to seeing more of your products with integrity."
Louise, Brighton - 11/08/05


"Thank you for your help and advice. It's great to see people still interested in promoting natural products and well worth the money."
Dayana, Brighton - 01/08/05


"Hi, I know it's common practise to complain about everything nowadays but I would like to be different and say - thank you! My wife Ann and I were both delighted with your products as well as your attitude to their production and testing. It was a real delight. May you prosper."
Chris Oakley, Chichester - 11/06/05


"I truly love it all. Good luck and I hope you do really well with all your fantastic creams, lotions and potions, which I will be using constantly. Am thrilled that I've found you."
Suzanne Levene, London - 21/05/05

If you would like share your thoughts about I Am Natural products please send an email to info@iamnatural.co.uk with 'Testimonial' in the subject title. Thank you!

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