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About Us

Customers often ask how we can provide such fantastic organic skincare products at low prices and are impressed to discover that we make everything ourselves. Well, everything except a few accessories!

I Am Natural is a small company that isn't out to make gazillions of pounds at the expense of the customer and because of that we can offer high quality organic skincare at an affordable price. We keep our production costs down by hand crafting everything ourselves in our aromatherapy kitchen in the heart of the Kent countryside.

Read about Founder & Managing Director Esther Cohen.

Only the best ingredients are used and all I AM NATURAL products follow a strict criteria:

 eco-friendly & ethical production

  • Everything is made by hand in small batches.
  • We do not use ingredients from unrenewable sources e.g petroleum products.
  • Recycled, eco-friendly and energy efficient products are used throughout production.
  • All organic waste is composted & packaging is recycled.
  • All bottles and jars are recyclable.
  • All labelling is kept to the statuatory minimum to save paper.
  • To minimise pollution we travel to fairs & markets in our 100% fully electric car.
  • Whenever possible we choose local businesses for our business needs e.g printers
  • I AM NATURAL is an ethical business with the Co-operative Bank, so when you buy our products your money will never fund the arms trade or animal tests etc.

 100% vegan

  • No animal products at all e.g. gelatine, collagen, tallow, lanolin or goats milk.
  • All of our products have been approved by The Vegan Society.
  • I AM NATURAL does not support industrial farming.
  • Our founder & managing director Esther has had a vegan diet since 1993.

 fresh is best!

  • Our skin is our largest body organ, absorbing up to 60% of everything we put on it. For that reason we do not use toxic chemicals preservatives that irritate the skin or parabens that mimic estrogen.
  • You won't find 3 for 2 bulk buy offers on our website. Let's shop when we actually need things and rely on natural plant preservatives, organic essential oils and antioxidants to keep products fresh.
  • Use your fresh organic skincare regularly and keep it in a cool dry place. Don't be tempted to save it because it's so lovely, it works best when fresh!
  • Our products come with a best before date and last between 8-18 months.
  • Always keep lids and caps on when not in use.
  • Our cocoa butter tins / facial scrubs should be kept in the fridge if the weather is particularly hot and humid as they can become a bit 'melty'.

NO ingredients are tested on animals. All products are independently tested & legally conform to EU Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 2004.

 Use it or lose it! Our products are free from paraben preservatives - yippee! 
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